What is Vocal Health?

Simply put, vocal health is everything you can do day to day to keep your voice in top condition. Understanding basic care of the voice is essential for anyone who speaks, sings or teaches. Good vocal health can be simple when you know where to start. At Edinburgh voice care we can help you put together an easy routine that will not disrupt your day and your voice will thank you for it. A routine for optimal vocal health focuses on how you use your voice, what fuels your voice and listening to when your voice tells you to stop.

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Initial Consultation

A 15 minute chat to see how Edinburgh voice care can best work with you before you book a session with us.

Vocal Coaching

60 Minute one-to-one session. Vocal Coaching lessons are more than just singing lessons. We offer a holistic approach to singing lessons where we focus on not only teaching you to sing but also how to take care of your voice in the process. Our coaching sessions cater to your needs whether you are an advanced singer, a complete beginner or want to work on your speaking voice, we are hear to offer tailored sessions to work towards your desired goal.

Vocal Massage

A patient centered treatment using massage techniques on the soft tissue around the chest, neck and face to relax, relieve and soothe vocal discomfort or irregularities.


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